Chapter 9: Trayvon — Intercourse, prefer, and Like in Prison7

Chapter 9: Trayvon — Intercourse, prefer, and Like in Prison7

Dudes whom played “The Game” had been constantly in search of a prospective fresh little bit of hot meat moving away from the bus at their jail. When that fresh hot child arrived in the dorm there was clearly constantly some guy here to start out flirting up they were about that boy and trying to get in his pants with him, telling him how fucked. One of many things that are first had to provide that kid ended up being “protection. ” “Ain’t nobody gonna fuck around Babe with you while i’m. You’ll need any such thing? I’ll take care from it. ” etc. Etc.

There clearly was, nevertheless, always a particular cost to be taken care of all of this attention & security. Ultimately that hot boy’s new lover is gonna ask for many favors: “Hang onta this toochie during the shakedown for me, Baby” — or — “Stick this cell phone up your butt so the po-lice don’t find it. Ya know I’ll ensure it is suitable for ya Baby … “ etc. Etc. Once that hot kid provides directly into this, he could be owned.

But a straight better method to relax and play “The Game” is — find a intercourse partner with money, to ensure child is really caring for you and never one other way around. The hot child gets fucked and will pay for it too! Just what a deal!

I couldn’t help asking myself, did this not sound a little like someone I knew as I listened to Star describe The Game? Like Trayvon, in fact? The solution to that concern had been, yes, it did. Therefore in a single respect, Trayvon had been playing his very own form of the overall game he was looking for an older white man with money — and I had gone along with it with me— a version in which. But right right here’s the fact: In the event that you return back and read every thing I stated & thought & focused on Trayvon during those first couple of days when I came across him, it is nothing like I became unacquainted with the thing that was taking place although i did son’t have title for this like “The Game. ” rather we decided to go with the video game, become “a small large with my canteen account and a tad bit more generous with my human body” in substitution for the relationship & security he offered.

And I also need to say — he actually did stick his neck out for me personally many times, including instances when we ignored their helpful advice and fucked up. He never ever asked us to place myself at an increased risk for him by holding any contraband or any such thing remotely like this. Due to that, our relationship had been no game for just one of us.

And so the genuine concern ended up being: Would i’ve done it once more with Trayvon now that we knew exactly what Game he was playing? The clear answer is YES I would personally, but I’d have told him at the start that we knew how The Game had been played.

I“stayed in touch” throughout my time in prison through my brother as I said before, Trayvon. Unfortuitously, as time proceeded Trayvon also became increasingly more of the mooch toward my cousin. He didn’t like this at all. As well as the undeniable fact that my buddy looked up their fees on the web and ended up being horrified by them. Him or believe his protestations of innocence unlike me he was not inclined to forgive.

By enough time i acquired down my buddy had sufficient and insisted for me and Trayvon that he was no longer going to serve as the go-between. As for myself, I happened to be of the head to produce on a clean break in life when I got away. Section of which was living as much as my pledge that is original not lookup or stay static in touch with anyone I’d met in jail. Besides, we was certain there have been rules against matching with any inmate or associating with any convicted felon while on probation, an presumption my probation officer ended up being pleased to confirm at our first meeting.

That intended dumping Trayvon. We knew this is in my own most useful interest, but nonetheless I didn’t want it. I could hardly blame Trayvon for trying to contact me, or even for being a mooch as I attempted to explain to my brother. He previously nothing and no body to show to for assistance, in accordance with a 40 12 months phrase for a horrible crime that is violent situation had been pretty desperate. After a few letters & telephone calls his mom had stopped responding, as well as the sleep of their household — siblings, cousins & kiddies — all deserted him way back when. My buddy had been unmoved. He figured a violent criminal ended up being getting the thing that was visiting him.

I nevertheless consider Trayvon frequently. We wonder what he’s doing now? Rotting in jail, that is what.

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